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The BARC Project


BARC (Bag And Remove in Cymru) is a citizen science project within the CRIPES group that is investigating the distribution of parasites, particularly Toxocara spp., focussing on Wales but already extending into England.

BARC intends to determine the prevalence of Toxocara spp. in the UK and use this data to highlight and hot spots of contamination that could be a potential risk to public health. Investigating the factors involved in Toxocara spp. prevalence will pave the way for anti-dog fouling campaigns and educational interventions. The public understanding of zoonotic diseases and their effects, particularly in the case of Toxocariasis, is probably quite low therefore the work conducted by BARC will foster a widening of public understanding of such diseases on both a local and national level.

If you are interested in the BARC project and would like to learn more about our work, please click here to be taken to the BARC webpage.


Mollie, the BARC poster dog in Nant Fawr, a BARC study site.


Valentine Muhawenimana & Dr Catherine Wilson, collecting soil.


Viable Toxocara spp. egg in a soil sample analysed by BARC.


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