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In 2013 I graduated from The Royal Veterinary College (London) with a Bachelor in Veterinary Medicine. After spending a year as a locum “vet on set”, I completed a MSc in Tropical Marine Biology at The University of Essex. During my MSc, I gained hands-on experience studying coral reef ecology and physiology, including a trip to Indonesia, where I developed skills in scientific diving. My master’s research project investigated coral repair mechanisms using widefield fluorescence microscopy to carry out live coral imaging.


My main research interests are in animal conservation/welfare and disease management and I joined the AquaWales research cluster team, as a PhD student in September 2015. My PhD is part of wider collaborative project funded by the NRN-LCEE, investigating the sustainability of commercial fishery industries with climate change.



Location: IBERS, Aberystwyth University


Supervisors: Prof. Jo Cable (Cardiff University, UK), Prof. Peter Brophy (Aberystwyth University, UK) and Dr Joe Jackson (Salford University, UK).

Funding: NRN-LCEE

The aim of my PhD is to study the impact of temperature on Tilapia immune response to pathogenic challenge using gene expression analysis. The research will inform fisheries of the potential disease management challenges that may be faced with climate change and provide a foundation on which strategies can be built to overcome these threats.

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