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Valentine Muhawenimana


valentineI completed my undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering with honours at California Baptist University, USA in 2013. My interest in Hydro-dynamics amplified during my MSc in Structural engineering at Cardiff University as I worked on a thesis project with Dr. Catherine Wilson, investigating the impact of cable countermeasures against bridge scour. The research evaluated the effect of cable spirals around piers on the characteristics of the horseshoe vortex, which is a result of the pressure gradient that occurs around bridge piers and is mainly responsible for the sediment transport that exposes bridge pier foundations leading to their structural instability and eventual failure.

In April 2015, I started a joint PhD between Engineering and Bioscience working with Dr. Catherine Wilson and Prof. Jo Cable to research the impact of velocity and turbulence conditions on fish behaviour with reference to in-stream obstructions that act as barriers to the migratory passage of fish.



Location: Hydro-environmental Research Centre, Cardiff School of Engineering, Queen’s Buildings, The Parade, Cardiff, CF24 3AA

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