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I entered into my undergraduate degree in Zoology at the University of Bristol fascinated with animal behaviour and ecology, and over the course of the degree gained particular interests in host-parasite ecology and co-evolution. My final year project investigated reproduction and oviposition in the myiasis-causing blowfly Lucilia sericata, utilizing dissection and microscopy techniques whilst maintaining a breeding population of flies in the lab. I also carried out a short field study on the prevalence and intensity of water mite infection in adult damselflies in Pembrokeshire.

After spending a year working to raise money, I am now studying an MRes at Cardiff with the aim of a career in research. Beginning in January 2014, I will be investigating the interactions between cleaner fish and their clients on a tropical reef in Tobago. Using statistical modelling techniques, I will analyse a large dataset of cleaner-client interactions collected over the previous four years. The findings from this dataset will then be used to design and run manipulation experiments in the field.


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