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Graham Richardson



I graduated with a BSc in Marine Biology from Swansea University in 2012. My final year project focused on the differing respiration rates of marine and freshwater planktonic communities at different temperatures. My final year project piqued my interest in freshwater biology, however I was offered a job three month placement at Welsh Water. There I learned about the water industry, specifically potable water treatment and services. This developed my interest in freshwater biology further. At the conclusion of the placement, I decided to pursue a career in science. I volunteered at Cardiff University with Jo James and Jo Cable, and have since been employed as a research assistant .


I am currently working with crayfish. I am primarily studying the invasive signal crayfish Pacifastacus leniusculus, and to a lesser extent the invasive virile crayfish Orconectes virilis. Most recently I have been studying a little known group of annelid worms, the Branchiobdelida. They are ectosymbionts and I have been studying what impact, if any, they have on crayfish growth and behaviour. Furthermore, one of the branchiobdellids we found does not closely match any current species description. It is likely to be a new species. The animal was found on signal crayfish in Wales for the first time in the UK by Jo James in 2012.