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Launch of – Have you seen a fluffy fish?

Our PhD student Emily Matthews is collecting samples of the fungal-like organism Saprolegnia. There are several different species of Saprolegnia, but S. parasitica is the main species that infects fish causing the disease saprolegniasis. Typical signs of infection include patches of white cotton-like fluff on the skin, fins and gills of infected fish. This fluffy “fungus” destroys the surface tissues of the fish before penetrating into the muscle layers and blood vessels. As the infection progresses, the regulation of water and mineral salts in the fish’s blood (a process known as osmoregulation) becomes impaired, eventually resulting in death. (more…)

BSP Spring Meeting 2017 – Dundee!


Wales Ecology and Evolution Network Meet 2015

Halloween 2015 saw the return of the Wales Ecology and Evolution Network (WEEN) meet at Gregynog Hall, mid-Wales. WEEN’15 united masters, PhD and Post doctoral researchers from Aberystwyth, Bangor, Cardiff and Swansea Universities to (more…)

BSP Spring Meeting 2016 – Dates for the Diary


AQUAWALES Public Engagement Event 18th September 2015

What does food have to do with Invasive Species?

AQUAWALES Public Engagement Event 18th September 2015


BARC in the park!

BARC launches a new national survey: BARC in the park! (more…)

Congratulations Jess!

Congratulations to our new CRIPES Dr, Dr Jess Stephenson who passed her PhD viva (more…)