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New CRIPES publication – Better the devil you know

Jessica F Stephenson and Michael Reynolds (2016) Imprinting can cause a maladaptive preference for infectious conspecifics. Biology Letters.

Many animals remember chemical cues they encounter as juveniles, for example, the smell of nearby individuals. These memorised smells can subsequently help identify important individuals, such as (more…)

A new CRIPES study!

Jessica F. Stephenson, Cormac Kinsella, Jo Cable  and Cock van Oosterhout. 2016. A further cost for the sicker sex? Evidence for male-biased parasite-induced vulnerability to predation. Ecology and Evolution. /doi/10.1002/ece3.2049/full

Ubiquitous parasites are a major challenge to wild organisms. The pathology they cause can be severe – but the direct damage isn’t the only concern for infested individuals. (more…)

Cardiff University Water Research Institute Workshop

On the 4th of January 2016, Jo, Amy, Katie and Emily attended the Cardiff University Water Research Institute Start-up Workshop. This is one of five newly launched institutes which aims to unite Cardiff water researchers tackling the issues surrounding water use and management. (more…)