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Morgan E Williams Scholarship (MRes), Cardiff University, School of Biosciences

One fellowship (£2500) towards fees for Masters of Research in Bioscience at Cardiff University is available to the successful applicant for the project described below.


Can microparasites alter the spread and severity of epidemicinfection? 

Supervisor: Dr Joanne Lello

Untitled2In nature, it is usual for host populations to be infected with multiple parasite species. Most animal species are host to endemic macroparasites, which often result in long-term infections. Recently researchers have realised that such infections may change the course of epidemic microparasitic diseases either by within-host interactions between the parasites or through alterations of the host population dynamics. Our group has previously demonstrated that coinfection with a gut macroparasite can lower the transmission potential of a lethal epidemic species by reducing the number of infectious stages emerging from the host ( However, preliminary work also suggests that this same macroparasite makes the host more susceptible to infection by the microparasite. We need to know how these differential effects of the macroparasite interact and what the consequences are for epidemic spread and severity.

The successful applicant for the Morgan E Williams scholarship will explore the role of the macroparasite-microparasite relationship in our established laboratory coinfection system. The project will focus on one or more areas of the macroparasite-microparasite relationship (e.g. host susceptibility, population dynamic interactions, behavioural changes, immune response). The specific choice of project will depend upon the interests and aptitudes of the successful candidate. The student will receive training in a broad range of parasitological and ecological techniques during the project work. They will also have the opportunity to be part of the active CRIPES ( research community, which offers a stimulating and supportive environment for the discussion and development of research ideas.

The fellowship provides £2,500 toward the fees for the MRes Bioscience Course at Cardiff University, School of Biosciences.


Closing Date For Fellowship Applications: Friday 27th May 2016.

For further details please contact Dr Lello:



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