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IASTE: Jana Smolová

Recently, Jana Smolová who visited us from the Czech Republic as part of the IASTE scheme completed her placement and returned to Prague. We thoroughly enjoyed her company at Cripes and wish her the very best for the future. Here’s what Jana had to say about her time with us:

“Thanks to the IAESTE organization I had an amazing opportunity to work in Jo Cable´s parasitology lab on a range of  interesting projects with invasive species (crayfish and pumpkinseed fish). I also learned a lot about parasitology and fish care, while assisting PhD students with their projects, which of course included screening fish for Gyrodactylus. I also conducted fieldwork every week (surveying Welsh sites for invasive signal crayfish), which I really enjoyed, and dissected pumpkinseed fishes to monitor parasite burdens. Members of the whole lab were very kind and helpful with everything. I graduated before my internship in Cardiff and I didn´t want to study Ph.D., but this internship persuaded me that I will try to continue studying.”

Good luck Jana!


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