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AquaWales Kicks Off

In June 2015 the NRN-LCEE AquaWales project got underway with a kick-off meeting at Swansea University. The research cluster of three Welsh Universities (Swansea, Cardiff and Aberystwyth) and seven non-academic partners is working on minimizing the impacts of intensive aquaculture in the face of climate change. Cardiff University (Jo Cable, Pablo Orozco-ter Wengel, Amy Ellison) are primarily investigating the effects of aquaculture-related stress (e.g. stocking density, water temperature) on parasite and disease resistance of farmed fish species. The kick-off meeting put into place research plans for the next six months and discussed future outreach events. A citizen science workshop, to be held at Cardiff University, is organized for September 18th (details to be announced shortly).

Meeting of AquaWales partners at Swansea University, June 3rd 2015

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