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Universities Week 2014

Two of CRIPES collaborators have been selected to present their work at the Natural History Museum, London as part of Universities Week. Universities UK has been running since 2010 and aims to increase public awareness of the wide and varied role of UK universities ( Each year they take on a different theme, this year the campaign is focused on exploring the impact university research can have on the lives of all of us – every single day. As the only Welsh University invited to participate in this year’s event, Project Splatter and the Otter Project are showcasing their research to the general public, raising awareness of how much roads have an impact on British wildlife, and how wildlife roadkill can be used for research as well as recruiting more #splatterspotters. We have used wildlife roadkill for monitoring contaminants, tracking emerging infections and have found parasites in roadkill that have never been observed before in the UK.

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