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Training course on aquarium fish diseases

On the 12th of April, the third edition of a practical training course on aquarium fish diseases was held in Barcelona, organised by the aquarium retailer AQA Espai in collaboration with Dr Alberto Maceda-Veiga from CRIPES at Cardiff School of Biosciences.

The primary objective of the training course was to provide basic knowledge of fish disease diagnostic techniques to aquarium hobbyists along with the most suitable treatments. An interesting discussion raised in the current edition on the efficacy of inexpensive treatments against fish parasites, such as the salt bath, and the paper entitled ‘The salt myth revealed: Treatment of gyrodactylid infections on ornamental guppies’ developed by other two CRIPES members (Drs Schelkle and Cable) was used as a case-study example. As in the past editions, the course also served to promote animal welfare among aquarium hobbyists as well as to illustrate the ‘tight’ relationship between environmental conditions and fish diseases. In the current edition, special attention was given to the effect of nitrates on the susceptibility of fish to disease as a result of the recent submission of a Final Year Project on the effect of nitrates on the Gyrodactylus-guppy host-parasite system developed by Willow Smallbone under the supervision of Drs Cable and Maceda-Veiga. At the end of the training course, participants received lecturer contact details in order to promote a closer relationship between the general public and research institutes.News 14 (Alberto)

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