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Summary of CRIPES member paper appears on Nortek website

It is apparent that obstacles in the water create turbulence but what is less apparent is how this turbulence can be beneficial or detrimental to varying classes of fish.

For example, a stationary object in the water column generates turbulence which can lead to the development of vortices. Turbulence and vortices can be either beneficial or detrimental to fish, depending on the various factors of turbulence and the ability of different types of fish to maintain stability. Researchers with the School of Engineering at Cardiff University recently used Nortek Vectors to deduce turbulence measurements, important for research into fish responses which can aid the design of restoration projects. 

Flow characteristics generated by hemisphere boulders in an open channel flume were examined at varying depths using Nortek Vectors. Associated microhabitat selection was examined. Observed preferences in behaviour by different size and gender fish have served to highlight the importance of heterogeneous flow conditions in river channel design.

The article can be viewed here and the full paper may be viewed here.

For further details about this project, please contact Fran Hockley

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